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  • Role Playing - NYC Case Study Featured Case Study Role Playing - NYC Case Study Role Playing - NYC Case Study

    SUMMARY Students will apply a role-playing activity to explore the challenges facing climate change planning in New York City.  Radley Horton, lead climate scientist... More »

  • Unit: Geoengineering Featured Teaching Unit Unit: Geoengineering Unit: Geoengineering

    SUMMARY There is much unknown about the ramifications of large-scale deployment of geoengineering technologies.  Are they merely short-term fixes?  What are the... More »

  • HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -... Featured Case Study HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -... HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -...

    SUMMARY The lesson plan provides a full menu for use from primary school to high school. Depending on the grade level and the unit of study that provides the context for a... More »

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How prepared is New York City for future superstorms? The question is far from settled Last Updated on 2014-12-17 16:35:37 To cap our Stormproofing the City series, Lilah Raptopoulos pinpoints eight takeaways – including that without Sandy, the city would be much less safe today  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE More »
Leslie and Mark's Old/New Idea Last Updated on 2014-12-17 16:26:05 The Nuclear Science and Engineering Library at MIT is not a place where most people would go to unwind. It’s filled with journals that have articles with titles like “Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry of electrons from heavy flavor decays in polarized p + p collisions at √s = 200 GeV.” But nuclear engineering Ph.D. candidates relax in ways all their own. In the winter of 2009, two of those candidates, Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie, were studying for their qualifying exams—a brutal rite of passage—and had a serious need to decompress. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE More »
China climate negotiator says Lima deal ‘balanced’ Last Updated on 2014-12-17 16:19:39 Chinese media broadly positive of climate deal but critical of ‘double standards’ on historical emissions  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE More »
Earth's Future? Ancient Warming Gives Ominous Peek at Climate Change Last Updated on 2014-12-17 16:13:35 New data from the Earth's last big warmup, some 56 million years ago, may offer a sneak peek into what today's climate change may eventually look like.          CLICK HERE TO READ MORE More »
Fishing quotas defy scientists’ advice Last Updated on 2014-12-17 16:08:30 EU decision to increase allowed catches in most areas good news for British fishermen, but conservationists are dismayed  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE More »