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  • Role Playing - NYC Case Study Featured Case Study Role Playing - NYC Case Study Role Playing - NYC Case Study

    SUMMARY Students will apply a role-playing activity to explore the challenges facing climate change planning in New York City.  Radley Horton, lead climate scientist... More »

  • Unit: Geoengineering Featured Teaching Unit Unit: Geoengineering Unit: Geoengineering

    SUMMARY There is much unknown about the ramifications of large-scale deployment of geoengineering technologies.  Are they merely short-term fixes?  What are the... More »

  • HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -... Featured Case Study HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -... HOW SUCCESS WORKS: Marine Sanctuary -...

    SUMMARY The lesson plan provides a full menu for use from primary school to high school. Depending on the grade level and the unit of study that provides the context for a... More »

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Industry-backed report says EPA climate rule to cost $366B Last Updated on 2014-10-17 11:25:33 A study commissioned by the coal industry and other business groups found that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon rule for power plants could cost at least $366 billion. The analysis, written by Nera Economic Consulting, said that people in 43 states would see double-digit percentage increases in their electricity bills, with at least 20 percent increases in 14 states. More »
Renewables can supply 100% of world's power by 2050 Last Updated on 2014-10-17 11:20:58 More »
Oil Slump Means Canceled Projects as Investment Declines Last Updated on 2014-10-17 10:59:56 The global crash in crude prices is reverberating through the oil and gas industry, pressuring producers to curtail investment to protect profits and avoid cuts to dividend payments. Projects in the Canadian oil sands, offshore fields in Norway and drilling-intensive U.S. shale deposits are among the most vulnerable as oil prices come perilously close to production costs. The world’s largest oil companies have rarely spent so much for so little reward.   More »
U.S. considers climate change plan that would mandate emission cuts Last Updated on 2014-10-16 10:47:59 The United States is considering a proposal to combat climate change that would require countries to offer plans for curtailing greenhouse gas emissions on a certain schedule but would leave it to individual nations to determine how deep their cuts would be, said Todd Stern, the nation’s chief climate negotiator. Click here to read more  More »
4 Places Where Hunters Are Working to Protect Game Animals Last Updated on 2014-10-16 10:43:25 In Washington State, North Dakota, South Carolina, and the western U.S., hunters and fishermen are working to ensure the survival of the very species they target. As a dove hunter, Charles Lane spends hours crouched in the South Carolina woods, waiting to hear the telltale flap of wings rise into the air. But he is also a conservationist working to set aside riverways that are home to waterfowl in the heavily populated eastern U.S. Click here to read more More »