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Name: David Kitchen
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Biography: David Kitchen earned a B.Sc and Ph.D in Geology from Queens University Belfast. After working for two years as a petroleum geologist in the North Sea, he started teaching Earth Sciences as lecturer at the Ulster Polytechnic and then as tenured faculty at the University of Ulster. Following ten years of active teaching, research and research supervision, Dr. Kitchen was appointed to the position of European Officer for the University with a major focus on international research and development. During this time he worked closely with the European Commission in Brussels, with particular focus on research policy and the EU Framework research programs. During this time he was directly involved with project development and grant applications for a number of higher education and research initiatives in both East and West Europe. Dr. Kitchen was then appointed as director to support all international research and student programs at the university, and led the development of faculty research collaboration with Universities across the European Union, USA, Canada and Mexico, and also served for a short time as interim director of development. While focused on research administration during this period of his career, Dr Kitchen continued to supervise research and taught geology as adjunct professor with the UK’s Open University, working in both Ireland and England. In 2001 Dr Kitchen moved to the United States to work at the University of Richmond. As Associate Dean in the School of Continuing Studies he works with the Dean to support strategic planning and heads teams that direct all summer term academic programs at the university, both at home and overseas, and the development of a wide range of professional and personal development courses that reach out to the local community. As an Associate Professor, Dr Kitchen teaches 2-3 courses a year on earth and environmental sciences, and has taught a course on global warming each summer for the past 5 years. He has served as representative on the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, as Environmental Fellow for the Associated Colleges of the South, and as coordinator of university environmental programs. Dr Kitchen was recently awarded a NASA education award to help develop a new course in global climate change. He continues to serve as an active member and the environmental studies course team and serves on the University of Richmond sustainability working group. He is currently writing a textbook on Global Warming for a Liberal Arts audience that is scheduled for international release by Pearson/Prentice Hall in 2011.