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Strategic planning is critical to lesson the impact of the future climate on the availability of essential resources such as food, water and energy.


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IPCC corrects claim suggesting climate change would be good for the economy Last Updated on 2014-10-20 09:50:34 Controversial statement, that was based on faulty data taken from a report by economist Richard Tol, has been removed from the final version of the report. Click here to read more  More »
Insects in the City: Can cities save our bees? Last Updated on 2014-10-08 11:41:36 Imagine you’re a bee. You’ve spent winter in your tiny underground nest. The light levels change, signalling the arrival of spring and out you come, hungry – but there’s no food. What should be a blossoming garden is all tight buds. The End. Click here to read more More »
Great Plains: Vulnerable Communities - NCA Key Message 4 Last Updated on 2014-09-18 16:03:25   visit the full Vulnerable Communities page Communities that are already the most vulnerable to weather and climate extremes will be stressed even further by more frequent extreme events occurring within an already highly variable climate system. 1. Guiding Questions How will migration patterns in the Great Plains affect poverty levels in that region, but affect population levels in others? List at least two ways that climate change will affect health in the Plains. What is climate vulnerability? How is climate change affecting tribal populations in the Plains? How have they adapted in the past and why is it different than before? 2. Key figures Population Change in the Great Plains Demographic shifts continue to reshape communities in the Great Plains, with many central Great Plains communities losing residents. Rural and tribal communities will face additional... More »
Speed Science Fact Sheet: Climate Change Beliefs, Concerns and Support for Adaptation and Mitigation among Corn Belt Farmers - CSCAP Last Updated on 2014-08-04 16:44:36 The Climate Change Beliefs, Concerns and Support for Adaptation and Mitigation among Corn Belt Farmers Fact Sheet and additional Speed Science Fact Sheets and presentation videos are approved for use in educational, research and extension settings. The fact sheets were developed and presented as "Speed Science" by the Climate and Corn-based Cropping Systems CAP (CSCAP). The CSCAP is a transdisciplinary partnership among 11 institutions creating new science and educational opportunities. It seeks to increase resilience and adaptability of Midwest agriculture to more volatile weather patterns by identifying farmer practices and policies that increase sustainability while meeting crop demand. Printable flyer >> About CSCAP Project To promote the long-term sustainability and productivity of U.S. corn-based cropping systems against recent climate trends and future... More »
Climate Change Impact on the United States Last Updated on 2014-06-25 11:32:41     More »